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News Server

News Server exploits public (subscribed & open) RSS news feeds published by hundreds of sources on the internet to create a custom access gateway for global news that interest YOU as a subscriber.

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Location ROI calculator

ROI (Return On Investment) is widely used measure to compare the effectiveness of IT system investments. It is commonly used to justify IT projects, but can measure project return at any stage. Comparing ROI of different projects / proposals provides an indication as to which IT projects to undertake.

Maestro’s Location ROI calculator is a custom calculator that provides return on investment for global location specific moves , adds and changes along with helping plan for resource migration around the country, EMEA and APAC.


Big Data Herd is a one stop shop web portal for Big Data related projects. This web portal is designed to provide a unique platform where any individual associated with Big Data Family can request a service or offer a service or search & apply for any of such opportunities through registered login.

There are three distinct users of this portal:

  • Employers: Employers can publish Big Data related projects, they would like to hire resources for, on the web portal along with Job description, Location, Duration and Technical Expertise needed. Employers can also view profiles of Freelancers or Job Seekers available on portal for further contact.
  • Freelancers: Freelancers can create / maintain individual profile elaborating their Technical expertise & Skill sets and details like location, per hr rate for providing services. Employer’s hiring Freelancers though Big Data Herd can rate service received as a feedback.
  • Job Seekers: Job Seekers can search for Big data related jobs posted on web portal by Employers. Search feature allows them to search jobs based on Categories, Technologies, Skills and Location. Job Seekers can create / maintain individual profile, post resume and be found by Employers.


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